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The following is a list of point-of-contact individuals for specific topics. If you have a question related to one of these domains, please see the people listed.

Area Email Address Who Special Training before using
Woodshop [email protected] Jack Walsh Yes safety training must be done before operation equipment(woodshop hand tools can be used without checkout)
Leather shop/Cosplay Castro Just ask best use of tools/machines
3D Printing/rapid prototyping [email protected] Castro/Kreg Kaminski Yes please get demo from Castro or other member on 3D printer
Laser cutting [email protected] Castro Yes laser cutter is expensive, get info to use it properly from Castro
Retail Space [email protected] Sam Burden To sell, Chat with Sam
Scanning Electron Microscope [email protected] Kreg Kaminski Yes, get Chet out before you use the SEM
Sewing [email protected] Sara Rushton No
Pottery Studio [email protected] Chelsi Yes must buy Clay from LM to use pottery Studio, Speak with Chelsi
Metal Shop [email protected] Ben Yes! Before you use equipment
General [email protected] Operations Team Info-Inquaries
Board [email protected] John,Eric,Mike,James
Manager [email protected] Sara Rushton
Events/Class Scheduling [email protected] Keith Morse Help Teach Classes!! Sign up to teach here!!
Members Mailing List [email protected] All members A group email will go to all members. Keep these to a minimum
Catastrophe,Damage,Locked out, Flood, Power outage [email protected] Mike Rushton CALL if anything is Wrong at LM 1st POC Text if it's not an emergency!