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The following is a list of point-of-contact individuals for specific topics. If you have a question related to one of these domains, please see the people listed.

Shop Captains
Shop Email Address Captain Vice Captain Special Training before using
Woodshop [email protected] Jon Goplerud EB Palmer Yes safety training must be done before operation equipment (wood shop hand tools can be used without checkout)
Cosplay Shop [email protected] Castro Just ask best use of tools/machines.
3D Printing [email protected] Dan Dugmore Noah Gilbert Yes please get demo from Dan or Noah on 3D printer
Electronics Shop [email protected] Michael Darish George Smolinski Yes please check get a check out first
Laser Cutting [email protected] Castro Yes laser cutter is expensive, Contact Castro via text (978-238-9337)
Scanning Electron Microscope [email protected] Kreg Kaminski Yes, get checked out before you use the SEM
Crafting and Fabrics [email protected] Sam Burdett Yes! For certain machines and glass working
Ceramics Studio [email protected] Jan Goplerud We ask that you only purchase clay from Lowell Makes to use in our pottery Studio; this helps us avoid contaminating things. Contact Captain
Photography Studio [email protected] Raj Zambre Yes must be checked out to gain access to equipment, Contact Captain
Spray Booth [email protected] TBD Yes!
Metal Shop [email protected] Ben Towle Matt Furtado Yes! Before you use equipment
Bike Shop [email protected] Steve Birmingham Sam Green Yes! Before you use equipment
Coffee Shop [email protected] Noah Gilbert Yes! Before you use equipment
Brew Shop Email TBD Kevin Antullo Yes! Before you use equipment
Rapid Prototyping Shop [email protected] Jim Frederick Yes.
General Contacts, Management, Committees
Who Email Address Point Contact When to contact them
Operations Manager [email protected] Ben Brown Email with issues related to the space or for updates on current projects.
General [email protected] Operations Team and ExCom Info or Inquiries
Members Mailing List [email protected] All members A group email will go to all members. Keep these to a minimum. Please use Basecamp as main form of communications for questions or ideas.
Feedback [email protected] ExCom Report problems and give us feedback. Let us know what you think!
Executive Committee (ExCom) [email protected] James Saunders, John Noto, Ben Brown, Jack Walsh, John Espinosa, Sam Burdett Handles the day to day running of Lowell Makes
Space Committee [email protected] Chair: Jack Walsh Email in regards to renting space, storage, or a workbench. Handles building/shop layout and logistics
Ops Committee [email protected] Chair: Ben Brown Email in regards to general Lowell Makes space and equipment or any maintenance and building issues
Finance Committee [email protected] Chair: John Noto Email in regards to financial questions or concerns
Marketing Committee [email protected] Chair: NaBeela Washington Email in regards to marketing ideas
Board of Directors [email protected] President: James Saunders Board at Lowell Makes. Please speak to a board member before emailing the group.
Events/Class Scheduling [email protected] Keith Morse Help Teach Classes!! Sign up to teach here!!
Education Committee [email protected] Chair: Bob Gampert Email in regards to all aspects of educational programming at LM.
Catastrophe! Damage! Locked out! Flood! Power outage! [email protected] [email protected] Benjamin Brown CALL 513-604-1953 if anything is Wrong at Lowell Makes. 1st Point of contact. Text if it's not an emergency!