Spray Booth

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Shop Captain: TBD Contact: [email protected]

Basic Rules


  1. DO date and sign the board outside the booth for:
    1. when your piece was put in
    2. how long it’s expected to dry/removal date. (if anything needs to stay in there for more than 48 hrs, please contact Captain first)
  2. DO put anything you move (drying rack, tray, shelving) back in its place when you are done with it.
  3. DO remember, any items that are not removed past their project expiration date can/will be removed for you, regardless of its completion state.
  4. DO position large items in progress/drying AS CLOSE TO THE WALL as possible. It's a small space and your project should not prevent others from comfortably maneuvering in the space.
  5. DO be mindful of the projects around you as you work and please tidy up after yourself to leave the space as usable as possible for the next member.


  1. DO NOT touch someone else's project directly if it's still drying. You may move it out of the way by re-positioning the surface it's drying on but DO NOT make direct contact with the piece.
  2. DO NOT leave paint cans inside of paint booth for others to find/clean up (if you are working for a few hours at a time in the same day that's fine, but after you are COMPLETELY done, put your cans back in the chemicals cabinet outside of the booth)
  3. DO NOT use the shelving in the booth as a drying table. It should be upright at all times. If you need a large surface area to leave something to dry make your own set up using items outside of the spray booth.