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What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is the project management software we use to collaborate and discuss a number of ongoing projects at Lowell Makes. It serves as an alternative to lengthy email chains and incorporates to-do lists and calendars to help keep things on track. If you are interested in being added to a project listed below, please email [email protected]

Current Basecamp Projects

  • Transforming Good Ideas into Successful Products (link) - Last minute invite to learn how to bring an idea to become an invention
  • 3DHubs Orders (link)
  • Acquisition Requests (link) - Let's keep track of things we'd like to get for Lowell Makes
  • AdWords Improvements (link)
  • Arcade (link) - Place to plan work on the Lowell Makes arcade. This includes, but is not limited to, creating our own cabinets and control panels, or refurbishing existing ones.
  • BDG Components (link)
  • Board Role Definition (link)
  • Board of Directors (link)
  • Build-Out Completion (link)
  • City of Lowell city hall video devices (link)
  • Class Development/Management (link)
  • Ctrl-O Update (link) - Let's figure out features, interfaces, and keep progress going!
  • Emerson Capstone (link)
  • Events (link)
  • Executive Committee (link)
  • Fabric and Craft Shop (link) - A place to plan the setup of the Fabric and Craft Shop, discuss projects, and chat about cool finds.
  • Fundraising (link) - Track grants, foundations, and other resources for fundraising
  • Graphic Design Work (link)
  • LM Accounting (link)
  • LM-CBA After School Program (link) - Hold series of pottery workshops for kids
  • Lowell Art & Maker Festival (link)
  • Lowell Makes Town Square (link) - All members (including former members) can use this space to ask questions, propose projects, or discuss general Lowell Makes stuff.
  • Machine Shop (link) - A general place for Machine Shop information, meetings and discussions
  • Maker Minutes (link) - Short video pieces about activities happening at Lowell Makes
  • Marketing (link)
  • Microscope Management (link)
  • Motorbike Madness (link) - Get the mini motor bike into rideable condition, and then ride it!
  • NPS Molding Renovation (link)
  • Photography Studio (link)
  • Pottery Curriculum (link)
  • Retail Space (link)
  • Ribbon Cutting (link) - We will have a grand-opening, technically our 2nd one. To celebrate the completion of the upstairs. It will probably be on October 20th in the afternoon.
  • Shop Captains (link)
  • Space Committee (link) - The Space Committee is responsible for space utilization planning, parking enforcement, and storage policies.
  • Strategic Plan (link)
  • Wood Shop Planning (link) - Discussion for overall wood shop organization and improvement
  • World Makerfaire 2017 (New York) (link) - Project to discuss and plan Lowell Makes members attendance at world maker faire 2017