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What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is the project management software we use to collaborate and discuss a number of ongoing projects at Lowell Makes. It serves as an alternative to lengthy email chains and incorporates to-do lists and calendars to help keep things on track. If you are interested in being added to a project listed below, please email [email protected]

I Get Too Many Basecamp Emails!!

You can adjust your Basecamp notifications here

Current Basecamp Projects

  • 3D Printing Shop (link)
  • 5 Year Celebration (link) - Planning for a 5 Year Celebration and Fundraiser to be held at Lowell Makes in November of 2018
  • Acquisition Requests (link) - Let's keep track of things we'd like to get for Lowell Makes
  • Arcade (link) - Place to plan work on the Lowell Makes arcade. This includes, but is not limited to, creating our own cabinets and control panels, or refurbishing existing ones.
  • BDG Components (link)
  • Bike Shop (link) - A forum for the bike shop. Post your project proposals, discussions, and requests here!
  • Board Role Definition (link)
  • Brew Crew (link) - Making Beer and enjoying it afterwards
  • Caffeine (link)
  • Ceramics Studio (link)
  • City of Lowell city hall video devices (link)
  • Conflict Resolution Committee (link)
  • Cosplay Crew (link)
  • Ctrl-O Update (link) - Let's figure out features, interfaces, and keep progress going!
  • Cyclone Dust Collector (link)
  • Death Star (link) - Exploding is no longer a bug. Now, it's a feature!
  • Education Committee (link)
  • Electronics Crew (link)
  • Events (link)
  • Executive Committee (link)
  • Fabric and Craft Shop (link) - A place to plan the setup of the Fabric and Craft Shop, discuss projects, and chat about cool finds.
  • Finance Committee (link)
  • Finishing Room Crew (link)
  • Folk Fest 2018 (link) - Planning for Lowell Folk Festival.
  • Fundraising (link) - Track grants, foundations, and other resources for fundraising
  • Girl Scout Events (link)
  • IT Committee (link)
  • L3 Foam Cutting (link)
  • Laser Crew (link)
  • Lowell Art & Maker Festival (link) - Planning for LAMF.
  • Lowell Makes Town Square (link) - All members (including former members) can use this space to ask questions, propose projects, or discuss general Lowell Makes stuff.
  • Machine Shop (link) - A general place for Machine Shop information, meetings and discussions
  • Marketing Committee (link)
  • Microscope Management (link)
  • Operations (link)
  • Photography Studio (link)
  • Repair Night (link) - Every month, Lowell Makes will be hosting a repair night. For two hours, members and non members come together to salvage as many broken products as they can. What products? Clothing, moving parts, and electronics. Rules are: its gotta be able to fit through the door, and no bringing products with liquids pouring out, pressurized gas, or open flames. Entry is free, but donations are encouraged in every event announcement.
  • Robot StuffnThings (link)
  • Shop Captains (link)
  • Skill Share 2018 (link)
  • Space Committee (link) - The Space Committee is responsible for space utilization planning, parking enforcement, and storage policies.
  • Upstairs transition (link) - This is a temporary basecamp so we can work together to get the upstairs space finished.
  • Wiki Wiki (link) - Team for maintaining and updating LM wiki.
  • Wood Shop (link) - Discussion for overall wood shop organization and improvement
  • Wood Shop Training Course (link)

^ Updated 3/17/2018