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Lowell Makes has grown beyond the size where every member knows every other member. As such, we can no longer rely on face-to-face passing of information to govern the various shops within the space. Committees are an attempt at solving this challenge by both creating a uniform system of passing information.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson.

Space Committee Summary
Chair Jack Walsh
Contact email [email protected]
Meeting Schedule Second Tuesday each month
Basecamp [none link]

Committee Members

Name Title Contact
Jack Walsh Chair of Space Committee [email protected]
Castro Arboite Member at Large [email protected]
Jim Frederick Member at Large [email protected]
Bradley Powers Member at Large [email protected]
George Smolinski Member at Large
John Noto Committee Advisor [email protected]
Sam Burdett Committee Advisor [email protected]


As space is our most valuable commodity and is also our least regulated commodity, a standing committee (Space Committee) is needed to bring order to chaos.


This committee shall have authority to regulate usage of all aspects of Lowell Makes (LM) space including:

  1. Individual shops including
    1. Shop size (sq-ft)
    2. Shop location within LM
    3. Special storage requirements for shops
  2. General storage
    1. Authority to implement & modify storage policy
    2. Enforces storage policy either directly or by proxy
    3. Hear complaints from members regarding storage policy or its enforcement
  3. Removal of items
    1. Authority to remove items consistent with storage policy
    2. Coordinate bi-annual clean up days
    3. Schedule outside e-cycling, waste hauling, hazardous waste, metal recycling as needed and with approval of treasurer.
    4. Maintain corridor and elevator access as necessary and consistent with applicable codes and laws.