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Lowell Makes has grown beyond the size where every member knows every other member. As such, we can no longer rely on face-to-face passing of information to govern the various shops within the space. Committees are an attempt at solving this challenge by both creating a uniform system of passing information.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson.

Operations Committee Summary
Chair Bob Gampert
Contact email [email protected]
Meeting Schedule TBD. Typically Wednesdays, at least bimonthly.
Basecamp [none link]

Committee Members

Name Title Contact
Sam Burdett Vice President [email protected]
Bob Gampert EdCom Chair [email protected]
Mark Goldwater Member-at-large [email protected]
Chelsi Hanley Member-at-large [email protected]
Keith Morse Member-at-large [email protected]
Giustina Sacco Member-at-large [email protected]
James Saunders President [email protected]
Raj Zambre Member-at-large [email protected]


As education is one of the cornerstone values of our organization, this committee has been formed with the mission to promote a range of educational programs and opportunities, benefiting the Lowell Makes membership and the greater local community.