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The Board of Directors of Lowell Makes represents the members by governing through written policies that direct, control, and inspire the organization. It deliberates in many voices, but governs in one. The Board is made up of members who are appointed by other Board members. The Board is defined in the Lowell Makes Articles of Incorporation, and further amended here. The Board formally meets at least once a quarter to vote on resolutions, which are recorded in publicly available minutes. The Board may be contacted at

Current Board of Directors

Name Title Contact Duties/Committees Expiration of Term
James Saunders President Commander-in-Chief June 6, 2017
John Noto Treasurer Master of Coin, Finance Committee June 6, 2017
Arun Jain Secretary Records Keeping June 6, 2017
Eric Sack External Development Director Fundraising, Corporate Sponsorship June 6, 2017
Mike Rushton Operations Director Facilities Management June 6, 2017
TBD Marketing Director Promotion and Outreach June 6, 2017
TBD Internal Development Director Curriculum Development, Volunteer Management June 6, 2017

Past Directors

Name Title Term
Kamal Jain Treasurer June 6, 2013 - May 3, 2015
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