Lowell Folk Festival 2014

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Lowell Makes has a full table at this year's Lowell Folk Festival. This page is for planning what we will be showing.

Time slots

Please see the calendar and volunteer for a timeslot.

We need presence both at the table and at the space itself during the entire event.


Note: All of these are just ideas so far...

  • Water bottles - $???
  • Membership and class vouchers?
  • Piezo sensor assemblies?

we should have a simple hands on science experiment like last time for the kids. some ideas from last time...

  • Nitrogen ice-creams for 10$
  • Simone soldering workshop 10+yrs - 30$-50$
  • ProtoSnap - LilyTwinkle workshop for 30-40$
  • build your own DC motor - 5 $
  • soap powered boats - 1$
  • led throwies - 1 $
  • bristle bots - 10$ (might be less)


  • Solar Panel
    • Cell phone charging station
    • Connect to a meter and give out reflectors to show output changing
  • Printed goods
    • Laser cut stuff
    • 3D printed stuff (also usable as merch?)
  • Woodworking
    • Jack's bowls
    • Bill's maple stool
  • Leather
    • creating leather key fobs

Info and Literature