Solar Panel

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Solar Panel

The goal for this project is to fabricate a standing solar panel. The immediate application for this panel will be to provide power to our table at the Lowell Folk Festival.

Preliminary Design

  • The solar support will be made of a 7' or 8'tall by 6"x6" pole made up of 6" maple sheets glued together with dowels every foot.
  • The stand it sits in will be made up of 2.5' 2x6's in a swastika-type shape attached to the pole using angle brackets and bolts.
  • The rest we have some ideas on but won't fully plan out till we have the base built out.


Mike has already purchased and brought in the maple wood, wood glue, dowels and a 6" roller.

Task List

  • Calculate weight required to prevent tipping in moderate to high winds