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I'm pulling comments out of email threads where applicable, and I'll try to attribute them so we can get an idea of consensus - James

Proposed Actions

For each of these Actions, see below for discussion and details

  • Build around SawStop, with ample infeed and outfeed
  • Identify tools that are redundant or need replacing
  • Extend dust collection ducting
  • Increase the number of 220V drops (# TBD)
  • Wood Storage
  • Duty Roster

Tool Redundancy/Replacement

The following tools have been designated either redundant or insufficient for the shop, and should be considered for possible upgrade/replacements. This is not a ranked list, but just tools for consideration.

  • Dewalt table saw - REDUNDANT - we don't need 3 table saws, but perhaps we should collapse and store for jobs outside of the shop, at least during buildout.
  • Bosch chop saw - REPLACE - "A sliding mitre will allow the cutting of boards up to 13-14 inches wide and 3+ inches thick." - Bill T. 3/19
  • Radial arm saw - REPLACE - Same as above, with additional "Slide compound saws are awesome. Do not sell, trade or give away the Radial arm saw SHOOT IT they are VERY dangerous, maybe save the motor itself." from Brian H. 3/19
  • Jointer - REPLACE - "Get a Long Bed Helical Head Jointer (Jet makes a 6" for about $1,400) (" Bill T. 3/19
  • Band Saw - REPLACE - "Get a good band saw 14" Rinkon, Grizzly or some other good one. The cost is around $800-$900. It will allow more versatile cuts and allow for more precise cutting. A good band saw is needed so we can rip down thick pieces of wood easily." Bill T. 3/19
  • Router Table - REPLACE - "Ultimately I’d like to see us get one of the setups that mounts in place of one of the wings on a tablesaw. I’d have no problem with it mounted to the craftsman, mounting it to the sawstop would be less useful even if it gave access to a better fence." Steve B. 3/19
  • Planer - REPLACE - "A wider one would be a plus, especially one that could handle thinner/shorter pieces." Steve B. 3/19

220V Expansion

We currently have a single 220V drop that powers the dust collector. We have both known and foreseeable needs for expanding the 220V system.

  • KNOWN - SawStop
  • KNOWN - Dust Collector (existing drop)
  • PROBABLE - Craftsman Table Saw
  • POSSIBLE - Replacements for other major tools (bandsaw, jointer, planer?)

We must determine where additional drops should be located, and what the associated costs are.

Wood Storage

We should start treating space as a scarce resource in the shop. Long term storage should be moved outside of the shop. Short term storage should be converted to vertical racks that are more space efficient.

Duty Roster

There have been several comments about cleanliness and organization. Besides a standing policy of "clean up after yourself" perhaps we should have a simple duty roster that rotates jobs. We should have plenty of bodies to spread the effort.

  • Empty trash bins - every other week
  • Empty dust collection - once a month (? I don't think it gets done that frequently now, but it should)
  • Check inventory of consumables
    • Earplugs, dust masks, eye protection, etc. We should know in advance when these supplies are running low.
  • SWEEP - all the damn time!
  • Tool maintenance - I don't know what service schedules are on any of our equipment, but I imagine we should be cleaning/checking bearings, sharpening knives, etc. No one wants to come in and have to do that BEFORE their project, so it should be done at set intervals.