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Machine Shop Summary
Shop Captain Ben Towle
Contact email [email protected]
Location Downstairs
Check Out Required? Yes
Basecamp link

Basic Shop Rules

  1. To Use Any Equipment You Must Be Checked Out
    • Only members who have been checked out may use general equipment
    • Guests can be let in, but are not allowed to touch equipment
    • Additional checkout is required for the following equipment:
      • Grizzly Lathe
      • Knee Mill
      • Tormach CNC
      • Surface Grinder
      • Welder
  2. Ask For Instruction If Unsure Of How To Use Equipment
    • Operating machinery that you are not familiar with can cause personal injury or broken equipment
  3. If You Break Something, Say Something
    • Report any broken equipment to the shop captain or cocaptain
    • Don’t try to fix it yourself, it can make problems worse
  4. Chip In For Consumable Tooling
    • If you use anything that wears out over time (blades, sanding belts, welding gas, cutting tools, etc.) chip in for replacements, or better yet, donate replacement tooling
  5. Clean Up After Yourself
    • After you are done working, the area should look as it did when you arrived. Picture posted at each station that illustrates how the area looks
    • No project should be left out unsupervised for more than 2 hours
  6. No Unapproved Chemicals
    • Absolutely no flammables, acids, corrosives
    • Do not put chemicals into unlabeled containers
    • When in doubt, ask the captain or co-captain
  7. No Open Flame
  8. Use Caution When Cutting Nonmetals
    • Bearing and way surfaces should be protected or masked
    • Materials should be cut dry

Equipment List

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