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The following is a list of point-of-contact individuals for specific topics. If you have a question related to one of these domains, please see the people listed.

Shop Captains
Shop Email Address Captain Vice Captain Special Training before using
Woodshop [email protected] Jon Goplerud EB Palmer Yes safety training must be done before operation equipment (wood shop hand tools can be used without checkout)
Cosplay Shop [email protected] Castro Just ask best use of tools/machines.
3D Printing [email protected] Dan Dugmore Noah Gilbert Yes please get demo from Dan or Noah on 3D printer
Electronics Shop [email protected] Michael Darish George Smolinski Yes please check get a check out first
Laser Cutting [email protected] Castro Yes laser cutter is expensive, Contact Castro via text (978-238-9337)
Scanning Electron Microscope [email protected] Kreg Kaminski Yes, get checked out before you use the SEM
Crafting and Fabrics [email protected] Sam Burdett Yes! For certain machines and glass working
Ceramics Studio [email protected] Chelsi Hanley Yes must buy clay from Lowell Makes to use pottery Studio, Contact Captain
Photography Studio [email protected] Raj Zambre Yes must be checked out to gain access to equipment, Contact Captain
Spray Booth [email protected] TBD Yes!
Metal Shop [email protected] Ben Towle Matt Furtado Yes! Before you use equipment
Bike Shop [email protected] Steve Birmingham Sam Green Yes! Before you use equipment
Coffee Shop [email protected] Noah Gilbert Yes! Before you use equipment
Brew Shop Email TBD Kevin Antullo Yes! Before you use equipment
General Contacts, Management, Committees
Who Email Address Point Contact When to contact them
Operations Manager [email protected] Ben Brown Email with issues related to the space or for updates on current projects.
General [email protected] Operations Team and ExCom Info or Inquiries
Members Mailing List [email protected] All members A group email will go to all members. Keep these to a minimum. Please use Basecamp as main form of communications for questions or ideas.
Feedback [email protected] ExCom Report problems and give us feedback. Let us know what you think!
Executive Committee (ExCom) [email protected] James Saunders, John Noto, Ben Brown, Jack Walsh, John Espinosa, Sam Burdett Handles the day to day running of Lowell Makes
Space Committee [email protected] Chair: Jack Walsh Email in regards to renting space, storage, or a workbench. Handles building/shop layout and logistics
Ops Committee [email protected] Chair: Ben Brown Email in regards to general Lowell Makes space and equipment or any maintenance and building issues
Finance Committee [email protected] Chair: John Noto Email in regards to financial questions or concerns
Marketing Committee [email protected] Chair: NaBeela Washington Email in regards to marketing ideas
Board of Directors [email protected] President: James Saunders Board at Lowell Makes. Please speak to a board member before emailing the group.
Events/Class Scheduling [email protected] Keith Morse Help Teach Classes!! Sign up to teach here!!
Education Committee [email protected] Chair: Bob Gampert Email in regards to all aspects of educational programming at LM.
Catastrophe! Damage! Locked out! Flood! Power outage! [email protected] [email protected] Benjamin Brown CALL 513-604-1953 if anything is Wrong at Lowell Makes. 1st Point of contact. Text if it's not an emergency!