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Virtual Pinball machine

The goal for this project is to fabricate a digital/virtual pinball machine. This could be the beginning of a Lowell Makes Arcade. This could definitely be a selling point with new members.

Preliminary Design

  • The pinball machine ideally will be around the size of a standard mechanical pinball machine.
  • There is an instructable for a digital pinball machine on that goes step by step in construction.


We will need wood or mdf for the cabinet.
If we want it to be close to a full size playing field the instructable suggests a 37" flat screen. It can be built using a smaller screen. We could also use a short throw projector built into the base.
Monitor for the back glass/scoring section.
Arcade Buttons
Keyboard Encoder
Small PC to run the software. An old laptop or junk pc should do fine. The software does not require a lot of power. Graphics are something to keep in mind though.

Task List

  • Source materials and initial design.