Vertical Garden

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Vertical Garden

The goal for this project is to fabricate a Vertical Garden. The system would be automated to control water flow, ph levels, etc. Around 90% of the materials needed can be gathered from recycling or built in house using 3D printers.

Preliminary Design

  • There are many vertical garden models floating around member Mike Rushton posted a link to this one in the forums. It seems like a very good place to start.


12oz plastic water bottles for pots or something equivalent size. These could be made with the 3D printer as well.
Small water pump
Plastic tubing
Low drip nozzles. These can also be made with the 3D Printer.
Since we have no windows, grow lights will be necessary.
Steel cable to suspend the system from ceiling or anchor point on wall.
Zip Ties

Task List

  • Source materials and initial design.