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Ongoing Items

  • Take Trash out - Key is near the freight elevator
  • Clean bathrooms
  • sweep/wash floors
  • check paper towel/toilet power
  • Clean up in general (trash, organize, recyclables, etc)
  • Organize/update to this wiki site
  • Decorate for upcoming events/holidays
  • Refill vending machines (if you can donate some snacks/drinks)
  • Refill 5 gallon water bottles (if you can donate, they can be refilled at Hannafords for around $2 a bottle)

One time Items

  • List of Projects on the [Main Page]
  • Setup LDAP on server and workstations
  • Build a couple more rolling carts out of the old shipping containers Picture of existing cart
  • Mount other 3 Wireless access points and reconfigure wireless in general
  • Inventory - starting with computers
  • Build new 3D printing table/shelving
  • Remove water fountain so we can install RO filtered water system
  • Remove shower
  • Setup computer lab (raspberry pi thin clients?)
  • Fix/assess plotters
  • Fix/assess large HP printer
  • Setup X10 cameras and VGA monitors for viewing into woodshop from outside woodshop
  • Setup VGA/DVI monitors around space for viewing videos, calendars, feeds, etc
  • build "eye candy" for around space (LED displays, video game decals, rasterized pictures, etc)
  • rasterized informative display for bike shop area