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This page will cover how members can connect to our public printers in the soft space on the main floor of the maker space.

HP LaserJet 4050N

(Black and White Laser)

Connection Information -

  1. Log into the Lowell Makes Wifi. (Connection information available in the building)
  2. Open your "Devices and Printers" folder under Hardware and sound in the control panel if using a Windows PC.
  3. Near the top of the window click "Add a printer"
  4. after your computer searches for available printers, click on the link at the bottom of the window "The printer that I want isn't listed"
  5. Select the radio button for "Add printer using TCP/IP address or hostname"
  6. In the text box next to "Hostname or IP address" enter
  7. One prompted select the box "Automatically communicate with the printer"
  8. If windows does not find the HP 4050 Series PCL 5 driver you may need to select the Windows Update option near the bottom right of the driver selection page.
  9. After the update finishes (This can take several minutes) select HP from the manufacturer and in the window on the right select HP LaserJet 4050 PCL 5 driver.
  10. Windows should allow you to print a test page at this point to allow you to confirm your connection to the printer.
  11. Enjoy the benefits of network printing.

If you encounter any trouble with this process and need more assistance please feel free to ping Michael Irons on Basecamp or email [email protected]

Lexmark C912

(Color Laser)