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The goal for this project is to fabricate a photobooth with modern conveniences. Photobooth will have the look and feel of a classic mall/carnival photobooth. Instead of printing pictures it will email or message them to the photobooth users. A green screen background could allow photobooth users to pick their own background or possibly upload their own. If power was available it would be great to take to festivals and events. This would be a great piece to sit in the (hopefully soon to be) Lowell Makes Arcade.

Preliminary Design

  • Size would be determined by how many people we want to have in the booth at one time.


We will need wood or mdf for the booth.
The electronic components will vary greatly depending on the design. A laptop with a built in camera could cover most of the components necessary.
Casters This could make taking it to events or just getting it out of the way much easier.

Task List

  • Source materials and initial design.