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There are 3 main membership tiers at Lowell Makes.

Feature Sub-feature Description Maker Innovator Entrepreneur
Basic Hobbyist Solo Pro Small Business
Price Monthly $49.00 $74.00 NA
6-Month NA NA $599.00
Annual $499.00 $749.00 NA
Access Downstairs Shops 24/7 Key Y Y Y
Upstairs Shops 24/7 Key Y Y Y
Upstairs Classroom 3 hours, scheduled $30.00 1 Free 2 Free
Conference Room 2 hours, scheduled $20.00 1 Free Unlimited
Mail Box As available $10.00 Included Included
Storage Locker As available $10.00 Included Included
In-shop Space Pottery Shelf, Wood Rack, Mannequin, Printer slot $10.00 Included Included
Project Space $1/ft²/mo in parking lot or shelves $10 min No min No min
Space License Workbench Dedicated bench as available NA $60.00 $60.00
Floor Space Dedicated square footage rate NA NA $1.00
Restricted Rooms Premium rooms with access control square footage rate NA NA $1.50
Add-on Member Price $35.00 $35.00 $25.00
Number of Add-ons 1 2 5

Please see the sign-up page for more information.