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There are 4 main membership tiers at Lowell Makes.

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Feature Sub-feature Description Maker Professional Entrepreneur Student
Hobbyist Serious User For Your Business
Price Monthly $49 $74 $99 $35
6-Month $294 $444 $594 $216
Annual $588 $888 $1,188 $420
Access 24/7 Acess Key fob to provide you access to the site
Discounts Class discount 20% 20% 20% 20%
Rental Space Private Storage As available 1 Unit 2 Units
Conference Rooms Discount 2-Hours 4-Hours Public Rate
Classroom Discount As Available As Available Public Rate
License Floorspace Additional Fee Applies As Available As Available
Reservations Reserve Equipment By request By request
Fees Fees applied to goods sold. 30% 20% 10% 30%
Additional Members Family Family member rate $35 1 Additional 2 Additional 5 Additional
Conference Room 2 hours, scheduled $20.00 1 Free Unlimited $20.00
Mail Box As available $10.00 Included As available $10.00
Storage Lockers $10.00 Included Included As available
In-shop Space Pottery Shelf, Wood Rack, Mannequin, Printer slot $10.00 Included Included $10.00
Project Space $1/ft²/mo in parking lot or shelves $10 min No min No min $10 min
Space License Workbench Dedicated bench as available $60.00 $60.00
Floor Space Dedicated square footage rate $1.00
Restricted Rooms Premium rooms with access control square footage rate $1.50