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Classes at Lowell Makes

Members and nonmembers alike are welcome to attend any of the variety of classes, workshops, and info sessions offered at Lowell Makes. Members get a 20% discount on all class prices.

Upcoming Classes

Information for all past and upcoming projects can be found at the Lowell Makes Eventbrite page.

Teaching at Lowell Makes

If you are interested in teaching a class at Lowell Makes, please contact [email protected]

Instructor FAQ

I'm interested in teaching a class at Lowell Makes. Do I need to be a member to do so?

Nope! Anybody is welcome to teach a class at our space. For classes that involve woodworking, machine tooling, or other potentially dangerous equipment, we ask that potential instructors get a safety check at Lowell Makes. Please contact [email protected] to get in touch with the appropriate person.

How does pricing work?

Instructors are entitled to 50% of the ticket fees collected, after costs of materials. Lowell Makes has the ultimate say in ticket pricing based on materials costs and your input.

How/When will I be paid?

Lowell Makes does its class ticketing through Eventbrite. After the date of the class, Eventbrite holds the ticket funds for 3 days to process any refunds. They then issue payment to Lowell Makes. Once the payment clears Lowell Makes' bank account, we will cut you a check for 50% of the proceeds, less material costs paid by Lowell Makes.

My class requires that I purchase materials. Will I be compensated?

You can be, if you first submit a Lowell Makes Purchase Request Form and get approved. We can then coordinate whether Lowell Makes will purchase the materials directly, or reimburse you for the expenses along with your instructor fees.

Please include notes if some materials require lead times, or special storage considerations.

My class might take multiple sessions. Is this okay?

It sure is! We can work with you to schedule out multiple blocks of time for an individual class, or create a recurring series of events.

Creating a class: Basic steps

  1. Contact [email protected] and let us know that you are interested in teaching a class.
  2. Put together a materials list with a cost estimate and submit it for approval before buying materials
  3. Choose a time slot for your class. To ensure your schedule does not conflict with other events at Lowell Makes, check our events calendar:
  4. Create a class description that includes any prerequisites and age restrictions (e.g. 5 year olds can't operate a table saw). Also include a small logo image and determine the maximum class size.
  5. Work with Lowell Makes to determine the class price.
  6. Be sure that any assets that will be required will be available (e.g. projector, laptops etc)
  7. Before the class, submit a W9 form at Lowell Makes.